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Wheat Varieties

6 Tips for Selecting the Right Wheat Varieties · 1. Understand your soil. · 2. Consider the environment. · 3. Protect your seed. · 4. Know your nitrogen needs. CoAXium Hard Red Spring Wheat · Nicely balanced (yield & protein) for success across markets · Good agronomics and very good yield potential, especially in. Preferred Varieties. The Preferred Wheat Varieties brochure is produced by the Oregon, Washington and Idaho Wheat Commissions in an effort to provide. Agronomic characteristics of wheat varieties that were successful in Kansas historically. Characteristic *. Eastern and. Central Kansas. Western Kansas. Pioneer® Brand Wheat. Built with superior winterhardiness and disease resistance, Pioneer® brand wheat delivers best-in-class yield potential.

Hard Red Spring Wheat Lassik* UC-Central Red* Yecora Rojo Yecora Rojo* Yurok* Hard White Spring Wheat Patwin* Patwin*. Varieties. Since inception of the CSU Wheat Breeding Program in , over 40 improved wheat varieties have been developed and released by our program. Over the. Compare varieties, view trial data, and analyze agronomic and other characteristics of wheat varieties. Maintained by Colorado State University's. Wheat. How to choose the right barley, oat, wheat and rye varieties for your farm. Includes individual variety profiles, trial results and related regulations. Fall Seed Guide brought to you by the University of Nebraska Crops Testing program includes the 3-year trial data for all varieties (public or private). Spring wheat varieties were sown in trial plots at Becker, Crookston, Lamberton, Morris, Roseau, St. Paul, and Waseca and on-farm sites near Benson. There are six wheat classes grown in the United States. Each class is designated by color, hardness, and growing season. Since wheat is harvested with the combine and harvesting must wait until the crop is ripe, varieties that are less likely to lodge or shatter are preferable. Our Wheat Varieties ; CS Daybreak · High Yield Potential · Excellent Rust Resistance · Good Standability ; CS Accelerate · Very High Yield Potential · Excellent. Wheat Variety Tours are held every summer throughout Nebraska to allow wheat growers to see, compare, and learn about the many winter wheat varieties available. Idaho Wheat Classes · Hard Red Winter Wheat · Hard Red Spring Wheat · Hard White Wheat · Soft White Wheat · Durum Wheat. Durum is the hardest of the wheat.

WSU Wheat Varieties · Soft White Winter Wheat · Soft White Spring Wheat · Hard Red Winter Wheat · Hard Red Spring Wheat · Spring Barley. Wheat Varieties List · Nekota · Neosho · Newton · Niobrara · Norkan · NuDakota · NuFrontier · NuGrain; NuHills; NuHorizon; Nuplains; Ogallala; Oakley CL; Ok Montana Top 5 Winter Wheat Varieties. Variety. Percent of Acres Planted. Warhorse. Bobcat. Keldin. Yellowstone. Brawl CL Plus. DURUM. 'Steele-ND' was developed by the hard red spring wheat breeding program at NDSU and released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station in the spring. The three principal types of wheat used in modern food production are Triticum vulgare (or aestivum), T. durum, and T. compactum. Hard red winter (HRW) wheat KS Bill Snyder, named after the legendary football coach, will be available in limited supply this fall. The variety was developed. Select the right wheat varieties for your farm.​​ Enter your state to begin. AgriMAXX gives farmers bigger yields and more profitability. The intrinsic quality of PNW wheat will be improved if these varieties are not planted. These rankings are based on the results of the Genotype and Environment. Wheat is a winter-hardy small grain that provides forage in late fall (some varieties), early winter, and spring and is well-suited to grazing or silage. When.

Heritage wheat varieties are older varieties that have been grown in past that are experiencing a resurgence in interest. Alternative wheat varieties are. Regardless of weather or region, CROPLAN seed from WinField® United provides farmers with wheat insights, varieties and management techniques to help them. Fall Seed Guide brought to you by the University of Nebraska Crops Testing program includes the 3-year trial data for all varieties (public or private). LSU College of Agriculture Logo · Home · Topics · Crops · Wheat & Oat; Varieties. Varieties. Performance & General Production. Einkorn, emmer (this group includes khorasan and durum), and spelt are considered ancient grains in the wheat family. Heirloom varieties of other common grains.

Search Browse information about more than 10, wheat varieties provided by Wheat Atlas and GRIS (Genetic Resources Information System for Wheat and.

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